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Additional Power

Reliable Solar Energy Solutions

As a consumer, you're likely to fall into one of these categories:

Category 1

You want a system that is capable of taking your home or business totally off the grid such that the solar PV system isntalled for you caters for your entire energy need throughout the day, making you totally free from having to pay energy (utility bills) for many years to come.

Category 2

You want a system capable of working on stand-by as a sort of backup system to make your access to electricity reliable, you still want to be able to connect to normal electricity grid while your solar PV system kicks in to power your entire home when there's mains failure.

Category 3

You also want to be able to connect to mains as your primary source of power but want a solar PV system capabe of powering some critical loads in your home tha you cannot so without. Inorder to help improve your access to electricity also.

Category 4

You want to get a system to help offset your electricity bill such that you don't have to pay as much as you currently do inorder to help reduce your monthly expense or You're a freelancer who just wants a system capable of powering your gadgets such as; Phone, laptop, rechargeable fan e.t.c.