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Renerworld offers one of the most affordable, economical and flexible renewable energy services in Nigeria; maintaining certain standards that have made our solar PV installations standout among others. Since we started offering renewable energy services in Nigeria, We’ve achieved over 95% success in our installations with a strong focus on the increase in quality and standard of our solar PV system installations. Hence you’re sure you’ll get back value for every penny spent on the system.

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Save More With One Time Payment and Little or No Maintenance Cost

We’ve been installing solar PV systems for about Four(4) years now, none of our customers have had to incur extra charges on their solar PV system for maintenance of their systems because well designed and installed solar PV system should be able to run for over 8 years without the need for any significant expenses on maintenance.
What most customers have had to spend on over time is either to move the system to another site due to change of home or upgrade in an event that the customer wants to use the system to perform more operation than the system was originally designed for which Is usually because the customer is very impressed at the system’s performance and is making a walk towards total independence from mains electricity grid